ebmouse cartoon print on demand

Special ebmouse cartoon design now available to print on demand on quality material! click on the cartoon “ebmouse tropical island” and you will enter the ebmouse shop at the site Werk aan de muur.

Searching for a unique  ebmouse cartoon design?

Just click on the left picture! 

Original ebmouse cartoon design for your social media or would like to own that unique cartoon to print on demand by your choice media? 

Starting from Euro 50,- for 96 dpi JPEG format square to

300 dpi JPEG format Euro 250 (A3 poster format)

Looking for a custom design in ebmouse style?

click on the blurry image!

drawing / painting / design / audio / video

expressions by
Edwin Bosch  

As a self learned artist I like to express myself in many ways. My style is full of (black) humor, cartoon like style and in a kind of Kafka like way.